Workplace Solutions

We have more than 35 years joint experience working in the private sector, government, and academia in various roles. Described below is some of the work we do in each area.
As Advanced Measures, our experience is in developing and implementing practical applications of psychological theory in the workplace. We assess the workplace environment, develop and evaluate programs, complete research projects and analyze the data collected. We develop and evaluate tests. We prepare workshops on teamwork, stress, and other psychological issues. We facilitate critical incident stress debriefings, assist with peer support development, and use our SOS-R system to identify acute stress reactions.
Advanced Measures - Solutions for the Workplace

Advanced Measures
Dr. Robert Saltstone, Psychologist
M.M.Saltstone, Ph.D., Registered Psychotherapist

We can assess for, make recommendations for, and provide talks or workshops on, the following workplace issues: Stress and Trauma; Organizational Change; Person-Job Fit;Return-to-Work/ Fitness for duty; Personnel Selection Testing; Program Implementation, Evaluation, and Statistics; and Quality of Service. We can assist with team building, peer support selection and development, critical incident debriefing and management, repairing "poisoned" workplaces, test-design and surveys, restructuring, and implementation of change. If it has to do with human behaviour, we typically have some experience in how to go about solving the issue.