Individual Solutions

 If you are an individual, a family, a physician, a lawyer, insurance company, or a community agency, and need an individual or a family assessed, or need help with an emotional or behavioural problem, most of the work that we do is described in this section. Dr. Saltstone is considered and expert witness in court. We are considered local experts in Parental Alienation.
In the psychotherapy component of the practice, we use various types of approaches based on the needs of our clients. Individuals, couples, and families are welcome. Our speciality is in the area of PTSD with police, emergency workers, and military personnel.
While we have a special interest in PTSD among first responders, such as police officers, we see individuals from all walks of life who feel they may need clinical guidance. Depression, anxiety and other emotional, or personal struggles are treated as well.
Dr. Robert Saltstone, C. Psych., Clinical, Educational, and Forensic Psychologist
Mary-Ann M. Saltstone, Ph.D., Registered Psychotherapist

Advanced Measures
Dr. Robert Saltstone, Psychologist
M.M.Saltstone, Ph.D., Registered Psychotherapist

 In the clinical, educational, and forensic psychological component of the practice, we provide psychological assessments for adults and children. Psychoeducational assessments for children and adults provide the foundation for the development of IEPs, and additional resources for the student to succeed in school. Custody assessments, parenting capacity assessments, IMEs, and forensic work such as psychosexual assessments are contracted privately, by the Court, by lawyers, or by community agencies. IEPs, and additional resources for the student to succeed in school. We can provide the following types of information in our psychological assessments:Personality; Psychopathology; Forensic including Psychosexual and Phallometric; Educational/Learning Problems/ADHD; Post-MVA; Vocational/Labour Market Survey/Transferable Skills Analyses; Memory/Neurocognitive/Brain Injury; Cognitive Decline/Dementia; Parenting Capacity and Custody and Access.